Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun times once again!

The weather here has been exceptional these last few days. I think today it was in the 60s. Pretty nice for Feb. Yesterday we took a walk to the park. The kids had fun and Siosi especially since she had been cooped up in the hospital. Zoom in to see her tongue!


Valentine's Day!
Here is our little artist. She had finished helping me with Joe's card and was on to her next masterpiece. As you can see, she is feeling much better but still fighting the ear infection.
Here is her hand. I tried to get her to hold still and show me her hands but she wouldn't. So I am forcing her! She had it on her clothes and face too. Typical, I know.

I gave Joe a banana tree that was half off because it was so ugly! He has wanted one for a long time because it reminds him of home. Aren't I romantic! He gave me chocolates and made me a candlelight breakfast. You can see the card Siosi and I crafted together.
Here is Kalo trying to roll over. Not quite there yet!

Disaster Strikes!

About 4am Monday morning I heard Siosi crying a bit in her room so I went to check on her. She was having difficulty breathing. I took her in our room and laid her in our bed to monitor her more closely. Her breathing was so violent the bed shook. I called the nurse hotline only to be told that she was congested. Oh really! I could have diagnosed that myself! Siosi had been sick for some time before with a virus that went into an ear infection. By midmorning I felt so sick and worried that just packed the kids up and went to Mom's house. It doesn't seem as scary when you have two opinions about what is going on. Siosi was getting so little oxygen that she just kept sleeping and sleeping. Then she started throwing up. That's when I called the doctor again. They told me to bring her in ASAP! Total opposite reation from the first call. Once again, you must be your own advocate! Turned out the virus attacked her bronchial tubes and they had become so irritated and inflamed, she couldn't breath. She was hospitalized for three days. During that time she was given an steroid via IV to reduce the swelling in her lungs and bronchials and oxygen treatments. She also received an antibiodic for her double ear infection which still hasn't gone away! We are on the third type of medication for it now! Now that we are at home we are using a nubulizer for breathing treatments and a couple other meds.

Those were some very slow three days! I am grateful for the priesthood that blesses our children. Siosi felt so much better the second day there, we could hardly keep her still to keep the IV in! I am so glad to be out of the hospital too, to keep away from the sounds, sights, and smells of the hospital that make me physically ill! YUCK!
I felt so sorry for her being in this crib. It looks like a prison!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stripping Siosi and Krazy Kalo

Siosi's new thing is to strip down to nothing each time we put her to bed. She thinks its just the funniest thing. Last night I went in and dressed her four times. This is her (we covered her up for the picture) when she had fallen asleep. We were finally able to dress her. In the morning she yells for me to come get her to go potty when she wakes up. If I don't get there fast enough she strips down and jumps in her bed laughing hysterically. We are not going to dress her over and over again any more. We've only redressed her once tonight because she had to go potty again. I think its pretty funny too but we try to keep it a secret from her. Siosi didn't go to church today. She is sick again! Can you see the river of snot flowing from her Tongan nose?
Kalo all dressed for church.

Here is Krazy Kalo. I had her laughing really hard but when I got the camera she seemed to simmer down. I couldn't get her to react like she was. You get the left overs I guess. They never perform on demand!

'Uta'atu Family

Introducing...the 'Uta'atu Family!