Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tulip Festival

Another year at the Tulip Festival. There were not as many flowers this year as last. I must not have thought much of them because I didn't get any pictures. Here is a slide the kids and Joe were going down. It wasn't as much fun as it looks. The PVC pipes didn't move quite like they did last year. They really had to work to get down the slide. That's why you see three people going at once.

Kalo relaxing in the sun. The famous horse tire swing.
The kids loved playing in this straw play thing they had. There were tunnels going through the straw and a slide.

Joe and I were trying to rope this calf they had. Siosi just wanted to ride it.

Siosi Turns 2!

I thought it might be fun to include some pictures of Siosi from her younger years as part of her birthday celebration. People always tell you when you are complaining about being pregnant that it is a lot harder when they are out. I have found that to be completely opposite! Siosi is much more fun now than she was then! Enjoy these pictures!

Here is a recap of Siosi's accomplishments for this year:
She is accident free and living great in this the new year of 2008!
Siosi can put on her own shoes (some of them), underwear, and pants.
She helps pick up her toys and disasters she creates.
Argues very well.
She loves Kalo and is less violent with her. In other words, she knows how to love her better.
Can name her body parts in Tongan.
Goes to nursery on her own and loves it.
Sings the ABC's.
Puts puzzles together.
Completes complex mathematical equations.
Has plans of running for President. She has heard anyone can run these days.

Siosi's Birthday!

Siosi and Grandpa reading a special story she got from Signa. Signa and Siosi share the same birthday! Dan entertaining Siosi!

Unwrapping a present from Grandma.

Here she is unwrapping her new tricycle in our messy garage. The look of shock!

Sampling the cake.
Siosi and Eliana are admiring the cake. Probably the strawberries on the cake.

Siosi loves stawberries so she got a strawberry cake. She helped decorate it.
A very pleased birthday girl. We just had had Alyssa's birthday so she was really into the idea of birthdays. When she woke up from her nap that day I had decorated the kitchen. She was so excited she was running around screaming with delight! Daniel's birthday was a couple days after her's so she knows the birthday song pretty well now. In fact, she still sings to Dan days after his birthday.
New coat from Grandma and Grandpa.

The Brothers

Here is a picture of my six brothers taken at the last visit. They look so nice in this one. Wow!

Trip to Silver Creek Falls

We recently had some visitors from Idaho. Bryan, Justin, Heather, and little Ashlynn. We attempted to entertain them while they were here so we did the usual things, go to Silver Creek falls, the zoo, and the beach. It seemed no matter what we chose to do bad weather followed. Here we are at Silver Creek Falls in the snow. During the very short time we were there it snowed, rained, and hailed. What an adventure! I didn't get any pictures of the falls for some reason. I think I was scared of my camera being ruined. But I did get a few of the kids braving the elements!

Kalo with cousin Ashylnn.
Eliana, Ashylnn, and Kenzie, the three look alike cousins!
The white covering the stroller is hail!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to the Portland Zoo

While Bryan, Heather, Ashylnn, and Gus were visiting we got to do some wild and exciting things like...go to the zoo! Here we have the cousins who at this point all happen to be female, attempting to pose for a picture. We were trying to get Eliana to hold up her squirming cousin Ashlynn but it was to no avail. Alyssa was our movie star who couldn't get enough of the camera. Siosi and Eliana in front of the elephants discussing who to vote for, O'Bomb us or Clinton. Alyssa walking by.
This peacock sort of came out of nowhere. I was merely practicing my Dr. Doolittle skills when the peacock became almost hostile and flared up his wings. We snuck in a few pictures before we felt an attack was imminent.
This is supposed to be a nest. Once again trying to get kids to pose. This one turned out ok!
Another picture in front of the elephants.

Look alike?

Many people lately have been commenting on how different or similar Siosi and Kalo look. I think they look pretty similar. Here is a picture of Siosi when she was a baby and one of Kalo. Which is which? Don't bother with the date on the first picture since it is wrong!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Semi Family Reunion

Siosi looking seasick.
Bryan, my dad, Cory, and Alyssa
Heather (sister-in-law), and of course Siosi and I
Dad and the catch of the day!

The title of this post is "Semi Family Reunion" since the entire family was not in attendance. Those of you who were not there know who you are. OK, everyone was there except Vanessa and Rob's family. Joe wasn't able to come either on account of his slave like working conditions. We went to the coast and camped in Yurts. Those things are definitely the most superior way of camping I have ever seen. For those of you who have never seen a yurt you must go to a state parks' website and look at a picture or two. They have heating, beds, a sofa/futon, table, chairs, and a deck equipped with a picnic table. The cost really isn't that bad either. I was very happy to sleep in a yurt since I have two little ones. The only problem was getting to sleep. I do not sleep well next to other people and Siosi is no exception. Next time she is getting her own sleeping bag. The other problem is that we shared a yurt and someone had a serious snoring problem. I will protect the identity of this person but many of you know who I am referring too.

We arrived in the late afternoon and took the children (what children we have left senza the Woffindens) to the beach to enjoy a stroll and build a few sandcastles. Much to our dismay however, the beach was not the lovely place we had stored in our memories, for the wind was howling and the sand was flying! It was so windy poor Siosi had trouble walking. We did manage to find a sand dune to hide behind so the children could play for a bit.

Other than being caught in a sandstorm we tried out Grandpa's new boat on the bay. Again it was windy but there was a heater and part of the boat is sheltered. Siosi and I went out for a short time to observe the men folk as they were crabbing. Siosi enjoyed seeing the pots come up and the few crabs that were trapped fall out. All in all it was a pleasant trip.

'Uta'atu Family

Introducing...the 'Uta'atu Family!