Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have such a novel idea. I am terrible at writing in my journal even though I know how very important it is. For some reason I am great at blogging. I have very fond memories of my mother reading to us from her journal (she still does) about us kids and all the crazy things we did. So I am now going to print out what I write on my blog and paste it into my journal! If you are bad at journal writing maybe you should try this too! If you are really good you could even put the pictures with what you write.

It is tax time. I am so stressed out about it! I am filing for our business for the first time and am so lost! We'll see if I make it through!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Little Pooper

As many of you know we have been working for some time now with Siosi, trying to teach her to poop on the toilet. She is really good about going potty on the toilet but has struggled to drop the bomb in the right spot! I think she has figured something out that works for her! You know how lots of kids hide when they are doing the deed? Well, Siosi is one of those. So Yesterday she figured out that she can still hide and be on the toilet at the same time! Yippee! She has gone yesterday and today on the toilet all on her own. She loves the privacy and kept telling me, "Mommy, go out!" Here is our proud pooper!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Siosi in her favorite pose sporting an Easter dress borrowed from her favorite cousin!
Polynesian Siosi at the park.
Kalo is pictured here ponderously plotting new ways to take over the world.
The girls in Easter dresses!

Dumpster diving at its best!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here is a great picture of the kids at their best! Kalo update: Kalo is four months now. She is very mellow compared to how Siosi was at this age. She probably has more of Joe in her! She can roll over as previously mentioned. Poor little Kalo has been sick lately. They always tell you babies can't get sick but that's not true! So far she has had an ear infection, the stomach flu, and now a respiratory infection. I have started her on rice cereal in hopes of her sleeping longer. It has been a huge blessing because now she sleeps about six hours at a time! We all know that a happy mom is a happy family.

Siosi already had her update but I can add more! Siosi loves to color and scatter the crayons all over the house. She is good at picking up her toys and crayons. She loves Kalo and is good at making her laugh. Siosi still loves to be naked. That is a problem day and night for us. She enjoys nursery and seeing her friends and cousins at church. Getting to go places with Daddy is a real treat. Her face illuminates with a proud smile and tells everyone in the house "bye" or "see ya later!" She is very mechanical and does well with puzzles. She is also very observant. If she sees me wearing something of Joe's she'll say, "Is that Daddy's shirt?" Or if she hears an airplane outside, "Whats that noise? Oh its an airplane!" Siosi talks very well and even knows some Tongan. She is potty trained (but not poo poo trained! If any of your potty training veterans out there have some advice let me know!). Rarely has accidents. Siosi also is such a genius she can count to ten, although I'm not claiming that she understands the numerical system quite yet. One last thing about Siosi is that she loves fruit and especially oranges. She will sit in her highchair and peel and entire orange and then eat it. Most of it anyway.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

American Idol 2008

Siosi loves to sing and constantly goes around the house belting out songs. The popular ones as of yet are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC's, Popcorn Popping, I Love You (the famous Barney song), and Once There Was a Snowman. I was trying to get her to sing on camera but of course you know how that goes. You can fast forward to the end. I think that's when she starts singing more. She knows all the words to Twinkle, Twinkle but was stuck on the same words for some reason. If you are a Siosi obsessor like I am you can just watch the whole thing. Its about three minutes I think.

Easter Magic

Easter time is always a magical time of year. The flowers start appearing and the world seems to come alive again. My parents always make holidays like Easter so magical and wonderful for children. So, traditions are being passed down to our kids. Here are the kids at Grandma's making Easter cupcake baskets. Siosi's is the one pictured below. She made it pretty much by herself and was going crazy with the coconut grass!

Babies Galore!

Here are some of Kalo's friends. On the left in red is Ruby. Then Lilian. They came over for visiting teaching. What fun! Lilian and Kalo are only about 3 weeks apart! Poor Lili. What a face!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The day has arrived!

Kalo finally rolled over! She is just barely four months and has been trying to do it for a while. Yesterday she was laying on the bed and managed to get from her back to her stomach. Oh yeah! Then today she rolled several more times from her back to stomach and once from stomach to back.

'Uta'atu Family

Introducing...the 'Uta'atu Family!