Monday, May 19, 2008

The Famous Bath Pictures

Another Genius Child

When I say genius child many of you will probably turn your thoughts to our first born, Siosi who in the past has demonstrated superior thinking and problem solving skills. This time however, you must direct your minds to our youngest child Kalolaine. I was bouncing her around and playing with her in a way that I believe will create more elastic plasticity in her developing brain. One of the things I was doing was clicking my tongue. Suddenly she stopped and studied my face as only a genius child can. Then she began to mimic my tongue clicks! I know what you are thinking and I couldn't believe it myself either till Joe tested her as well. Sure enough, she mimics the clicking tongue!

First Prayer

Every night before Siosi goes to bed I help her say a prayer. She usually just repeats what I tell her to say and then she sometimes adds her own things. So the other night she did it for the first time on her own. It was so cute! She started all by herself but I had to help her remember how to end. She was thankful for the nice weather, Grandma, Kimber twice, David, Eliana, and Kenzie. She prayed again today on her own over the food. I love to hear her pray because she is so little and pure still. In a way it reminds me of being on my mission hearing investigators pray for the first time. Its strange, but a lot of people don't realize that you don't have to say memorized prayers and that you are actually talking to someone. Sometimes I think if she makes a request for something it will be answered much faster than if I do since she is still so innocent! So sometimes I have her pray for Daddy's jobs, for her to be a good girl, or fall asleep really fast.

Joe and I are really excited because in about 10 days we will by flying to L.A. for Etu's wedding. Joe hasn't seen him for years and I've never met him. It will be really fun for us to go back to the old stomping ground. A lot of our relatives have never seen the kids before. This is going to cost us a ridiculous amount of money that we have been saving to go to Tonga but we need to go. Besides, we haven't received Joe's renewed resident card in the mail yet. We have been waiting for it for months and are starting to get worried. Our government makes it really hard for honest people to remain legal. No wonder we have so many illegals running rampant! If we want to ask them where the card is or if they have sent it we have to make an appointment to talk to someone in Portland! If anyone knows any different or has some secret number please let us know!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Summer's Day

Today was such a beautiful day! We went for a walk after church at my parent's house. The girls got to wear their summer apparel to church. I love the sun! So why are we living in Oregon? Good question!

On another note, the computer we have been using is old and missing parts, thanks to a very dishonest computer repairman in the area. It has been having problems and runs pretty slow. Joe calls it our lawn mower computer because it is so loud. We have been thinking for a while about investing in a new one so yesterday we took the plunge. We drove over to Fry's and bought a refurbished computer. It is soooo nice! I love it. This is my first post on the new computer and below is our first picture on the new computer. What a difference it makes! It is also exciting because it has a fire wire port to connect to our camcorder. Now we will be able to send DVDs home to Tonga. I just finished importing the first video!

'Uta'atu Family

Introducing...the 'Uta'atu Family!