Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aleta's Birthday!

Looks like Joe knows me all too well. He also gave me breakfast in bed, washed and cleaned my car, surprised me by cleaning and decorating the house, and took me to dinner. What a man! I guess he was making up for forgetting our anniversary. It was only our second! We had a fun day. I was also treated to a spa pedicure by Kimber and Lila, although their husbands David and Joel for some reason take the credit.
Eliana just loves birthdays and doesn't care whose it is...just as long as there is cake and ice cream. She can't wait for Joe's next week!
I'm still pregnant so I got some maternity clothes. I am close to being finished but I guess thats Joe's way of saying he wants even more kids!
Siosi was providing the entertainment. Here she is performing her circus head stand usually only done when she is very sleepy.
Here is Joe trying to communicate with his family. He can't get a hold of anyone in Tonga for some reason. Next week is Joe's birthday. He is going to be a whopping 30! Now thats old! We would like to roast a pig but we'll have to see!
Siosi isn't much of an eater but she loves to sleep!

I know this is a terrible picture of me but I just had to include it. I'm reading a hand-crafted card by Kylie Woffinden. It was even signed. For those who don't know, eight-year-old Miss Woffinden is not only a famous artist and poet, but she also does these beautifully hand-crafted cards. She is also my niece!
Present from the Woffindens. Turned out to be cinnamon bears! Hooray!
The party wasn't all that lively. Just look at the guests!

'Uta'atu Family

Introducing...the 'Uta'atu Family!