Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Do I seriously have time for this? Absolutely not!  I realize I haven't posted anything for about 5 years and that is just deplorable.  Who in their right mind has time to keep up with a blog when they have 5 children, 2 businesses to run, a Master's degree to finish, and a house to keep clean?  I'll tell you what this is...a stalling tactic.  At this very moment I am supposed to be demonstrating my "ability to apply the techniques and principles of second language assessment, ant to interpret the results of such assessments in determining language proficiency and student progress". 

Despite all the commotion in my present situation, I feel happy.  Anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, but I must admit that peeking over the top of all these emotions is happiness!  I have a husband who bends over backward to make my life easier.  I have children who are kind and loving to me (not so much to each other) and a mother who is there to listen and back me up if ever I am in desperate need of assistance.  Above all, I find comfort in my testimony of Jesus Christ who I know is aware of me and my little family.  I know He understands what I am going through and that the only reason I have made it thus far is because Him. 

And so as I sit here typing away, thinking of the 27 page teachers test guide that I should be editing, while overhearing the contagious laughter of 3 year old Sefa, as he points out that his dad is showing his belly button on their way to the hot tub, just feeling happy.

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